Why Build A WordPress Website

There are many reasons why you should build a WordPress Website. Here are a few reasons we believe WordPress is the best choice for your new website.

WordPress is Widely Used

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet. It is believed that over 75 Million websites are using WordPress today.

WordPress is Open Source

Open source software means its free to use, and upgrade. Open source also means that that there are thousands of developers working not only on the original code, but also add-ons called ‘plug-ins’ and templates many of which are also free. With these you can create any sort of website you want.

WordPress is Easy but Powerful

WordPress is easy to learn with online articles, videos and guides at all levels. WordPress is simple enough for use by individuals and small business. But WordPress is also powerful enough to support major websites of companies like Sony, LinkedIn, Mercedes or Disney. Popular personalities with high traffic and security demands such as Beyoncé are also using WordPress to run their brand website.

With so many designers and developers competent in WordPress, hiring expertise to get your website to do exactly what you want is easy. Thats if it isn’t already available ‘off the shelf’.

Contrast all this with developing personal programming or individually coding a website. Generally only the original programmer/coder really understands what is going on, and when major upgrades to the internet come along, it can break your site, forcing additional expenditure for custom modifications.

WordPress has WYSIWGY editors

WordPress also offers WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site builders. These ‘drag and drop’ editors for themes can make laying out your website and adjusting it a visual walk in the park.

WordPress allows independent hosting

WordPress also offers independence from proprietary platforms such as Wix, or Weebly or even WordPress.org itself. These platforms tempt small business with easy to use systems and attractive ready made templates. But once set up, you are locked in to their platform, hosting and charges. These platforms are also not considered as search engine (SEO) friendly. As you have no access to the software behind your website, there is not much you can do about this.

You don’t require special services in hosting a WordPress website. From standard shared hosting through to private servers, WordPress is exactly the same.
In fact most hosting companies offer easy one-click WordPress installation as part of their packages.  We include hosting in our ongoing website maintenance packages.

WordPress Websites very secure

WordPress is very secure

WordPress has a whole community of software programmers, coders, developers and like-minded people interested in keeping the software safe and secure. This is one of the key advantages of open source software.

In addition to this, there are also security plugins such as WordFence and Securi to provide live monitoring of threats and status.

WordPress connects to everything

Today most businesses not only have a website but Facebook page, maybe Instagram or Pinterest sites too. Keeping all these accounts up to date can be a full time job. With the right plugins, you can manage all these from your website and ensure posts are distributed automatically across all mediums. Or in reverse, stream your Facebook discussions on your website.

WordPress Website for eCommerceWordPress works for eCommerce

Similarly WordPress works extremely well for eCommerce websites. If you have a store, or products, there are several well regarded plugins to drive these elements of your site. Plugins such as WooCommerce enable your site to be independent of the proprietary platforms such as Shopify. (Note Shopify does also have WordPress themes so you can have a bit of win-win).

WordPress is Google Search Friendly (SEO)

Ultimately, all this control and independence of your website means you can ensure visitors (and Google) get what they want. Add in specialty (and often free) SEO plugins to improve your website visibility and WordPress is very search engine friendly.
The ability to optimise for fast loading speeds, site maps (for search engine bots), good navigation, image titles and alt tags all contribute to the good “SEO” of a WordPress website.

When visitors are happy and can find your site easily, load your site easily, they are more likely to spend more time and visit more pages. Consequently, your website will do better on the ranking parameters used by search engines to develop results to users. Potentially resulting in more customers visiting your website and more enquiries for your business.

WordPress is Easy to Backup

Backing up your website is vital step in protecting your business asset.  With a range of plugins, WordPress is easy to backup to a variety of locations, on a fully automated timetable.  Read more about backing up your WordPress website in our in depth article on website backups.

Build a WordPress Website for best results

we build WordPress WebsitesWe believe when you choose a WordPress Website for your business, you get all the power with maximum simplicity. This is why Click Here Web Design specialises in, and only builds WordPress websites for our clients.

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