Excellence Awards in eBusiness

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence

Winning excellence awards in business is often a serendipity. So we were very excited when Fiona recently won her second eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence.

Matt Raad awarding Fiona Herbert with her Excellence Award 2018.
Fiona Caffin with Matt Raad

These awards are given out each year for excellence in building websites for local businesses, website design and search engine optimisation results.

Website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) can be lonely fields of endeavour. Much our work is done ‘behind the scenes’ and is only really noticed when a client’s website starts to rank highly resulting in an increase in business.

Fiona received a similar award from eBusiness Institute in 2017 along with becoming fully certified by the eBusiness Institute. We believe this demonstrates a commitment to excellence and building websites that work for clients.

Fiona Herbert receiving eBusiness student award for excellence 2017
2017 Fiona Caffin and Matt Raad

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